Funky Frets Music Store of Boyertown, PA, USA is hosting their 2nd Annual Uke Fest. September 30, October 1 & 2, 2016.

“2016 is over and we would like to thank everyone that attended the Funky Frets festival especially the people that jumped in and helped us clean up and break down Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.”
Bern, Curt, Kelly, TJ, Ali and the Funky Frets crew

The 2017 festival will be the first or second weekend in October. Lots of cool fun ukulele stuff planned.

2016 Festival Comments

Having attended many uke fests over the years, we’ve learned first-hand how difficult it can be to successfully pull off these events. This was so well organized. Can’t say enough good things about your hospitality, the venue, the attendees, the wonderful B&B, other performers and instructors and the unforgettable train ride with train song jam! - JB

The Uke Fest was a wonderful learning experience that added another dimension to our musical skills. The workshops were very professionally organized, and contained much information for us to be studied and mastered. The concerts were entertaining and inspiring. The food was delicious. Kudos to EC church for allowing their beautiful facility for our fest. Many thanks to Kurt and family for making us all feel at home. Also many thanks for the music for the train ride. See you all next year! Love and Blessings to you all! - U-BASS ANNEY

While I took some fantastic workshops, loved the Saturday evening concert; I am always a fan of the uke train ride jam; the added Sunday workshops were great; and the after jam was a super bonus getting to see The Aloha Boys and Curt Sheller do their thing as if sitting in a Hawaiian backyard kanikapila...I had a wonderful time enjoying the open mic this year: The energy and talent were super! - Linda

Everything about it was great. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved with the festival! - Tery

Thanks so much for all you do! Everything about the Fest was perfection! Appreciate all your hard work. You go the extra miles for the ukulele community and it shows! Thanks to you, the performers, instructors, kitchen and caterers, Trinity, and to all the wonderful ukesters who attended. Better than Christmas! - Betsy Manning

Amazing uke fest! Had a great time at the workshops and concerts, and the jam on the historic railroad. - Lauraileen O'Connor

2015 was a big success and 2016 is shaping to be even bigger and better. Come enjoy three days of ukulele fun, jamming, entertainment, education and an all around ukulele good time with Jim and Liz Beloff, The Aloha Boys, Rachel Manke, The Curt Sheller Trio, Mim, Ben Carr, Don Peyton, Debi Velasco, Pete “UncleZac” Zaccagnino and much more...

Help spread the joy of ukulele and let all your ukulele friends know about the festival.

Three days of ukulele overload - Two concerts, aftert party concert and jam, workshops, complementary dinner, open-mic, jams, Ukulele Jeopardy, special Sunday Strum-along Train Ride on the Historic Colebrookdale Railroad and finale jam and workshops, Check the festival schedule for all the details.

Instrument and other ukulele goodies are being raffled off at the festival.

Check out the Determining Your Skill Level page. This self assessment checklist is drawn from the Learning Ukulele with Curt Sheller site. It will give a jump on determining just where you are in your development and help with determining what workshops are for you.

Keep and eye on this page for updates and news.

Register for festival NEWS and UPDATES. Actual festival registration is handled by Eventbrite.


For a quicker response email Kelly, Bernadette or Curt or call one of us directly.

Press passes and inquiries must be arranged and confirmed in advance of the festival.

Kelly Thompson at 484 * 415 • 9677 or'
Bernadette Sheller at 484 * 415 • 9677 or
Curt Sheller at 484 * 415 • 9677 or