If your a vendor of ukulele specific or very, very ukulele related goodies and want information on being a vendor at the Funky Frets Uke Fest call or contact us and will get right back to you.

Vendor tables are $50 each for a 2' x 8' ( limit 2, most likely 1 depending on demand ) each and includes two chairs. Vendors are responsible for their own meals or can purchase a ticket for lunch and dinner.

Confirmed Vendors

A great line-up of ukulele and ukulele related vendors... Still time to join in.

In addition to the great vendors below all the performing artists will have their CDs, Books, and Swag available during the festival.


Curt Sheller Publications

Curt Sheller has written over 40 books for ukulele, guitar and music. Curt's has over 600 lessons and growing.

Curt will have all his ukulele books available at the festival.


Debihula, Hawaiian Style

Hawaiian style handicrafts, Leis by Debi - Beautiful Leis made from Ribbons and Mini Tassel Dolls, Books written by Debi Velasco and Julie Coleson.


Four Hour Day Lutherie

The Four Hour Day Lutherie is a home for hands-on practice of the creative arts. We host musical performances, craft custom stringed instruments, and teach workshops in instrument building.

The premise of the Four Hour Day is real simple - we all are working too hard. We are giving up our one wild and precious life in to chase economic success, only to find that our large TVs and new vehicles really aren’t making us happy. We take our own busyness as evidence that we are being productive and useful, when too often we’re just tiring ourselves out enough to ignore those gnawing doubts.

Funky Frets

Funky Frets Music Store •

Curt & Bernadette Sheller and their daughter Kelly Thompson opened Funky Frets on June 30th, 2012 and has turned Funky Frets into the premiere ukulele destination with the widest selection of ukulele in the area.

Funky Frets is the host of the Funky Frets Uke Fest (duh!)

Mim's Ukes

Mim's Ukes •

Mim s Ukes: Local, National, & International Uke Sales with a World Famous Set-up! No uke leaves my shop without and complete a proper ukulele set up! Ideal action, Easy Playability, and Buzz-free! No Drop Shipping! The ukulele you see, is the ukulele you will get! All ukuleles hand-picked by me for it''s value, tone, and quality!

Hailing from Floyd, VA on top of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mim “brings a rare combination of tongue in cheek gangsta and southern charm”! She also brings her world famous expertise in setup and knowledge from 6 years as an ukulele dealer.


Stickin' With My Uke

"Stickin' with my Uke" is a business based in Guelph, Ontario dedicated to helping ukulele players 'stick with their uke' for easy playing. Founder Mary McNally is a ukulele player who initially struggled for a way to hold the darn thing, and was so happy she found a better way


Radical Artistic Treasures by Roy Cox •

Rat ukes are constructed to make the best use of old, distinctive, sometimes broken, ukuleles. Wooden cigar boxes are employed to become uke bodies as they are generally well constructed of fine solid woods.

All Rat Ukes are one of a kind. They are assembled when the salvagable uke parts (neck, bridge, etc.) are found that match a particular cigar box in color and size.

Established instrument building methods are used along with techniques that are developed as the need arises. Parts are obtained from various sources; catalogs, on-line suppliers and best of all, the local hardware store.


The Hug Strap, Melissa Nannen

Handmade, adjustable ukulele strap.


UncleZac "The Ukulele Guy"

UncleZac has created some great cross-reference chord guides and reference charts so that “G” tunings & “C” tunings can stop fighting and play nice together!.

Funky Frets Music Store
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