Each performing artist will be presenting a workshop or two.

Here is a page to help you determine what level of ukulele player you are and select your workshops.

Saturday Workshops

Saturday has a full slate of workshops for all levels of players. From beginners who have never even held a ukulele to more advanced players. There is surely a workshop for you.

All Saturday Workshops are at: Trinity Church, 250 Sweinhardt Rd, Boyertown, PA 19512

James Hill • bio


Booster Uke • All Levels

Based on James' book of the same name, BOOSTER UKE takes you from "ho-hum" to "big fun" in a relaxed, stress-free way! The secret: Chord Twins, a simple technique that will change the way you play. Even if you bought the book and have taken the BOOSTER UKE online lessons you don't want to miss this workshop as James will teach great songs that aren't included in the book!

Rethinking C, F and G7 • All Levels

Have you heard C, F and G7 one too many times? Like an old, reliable pickup truck these three chords will get the job done... but like an old, reliable pickup truck they could do with a little TLC. A paint job, maybe? Or a new set of tires? In this all-levels workshop James shows you how to breathe fresh life into these beloved workhorse chords. "Jambalaya" will never be the same!

Lil' Rev • bio


Six Triplet Patterns Made Easy: Learn & Survey • all levels

A variety of triplet strokes and find the one that is just right for you. The triplet stroke is perhaps one of the most synonymous strokes that can be utilized on the ukulele, learn both the mechanics and integration of these truly exciting strokes from one of America's foremost strum masters. Open to all levels.

Novelty Song Repertoire • all levels

Learn some of the funniest songs ever recorded from DR. Demento, Borscht Belt, Jug Band, Hokum and Tin Pan Alley Eras. We'll strum our way thru a dozen classic novelty tune and their respective history. Open to all levels. (double entendre material, use discretion if sending kids to this class)

Curt Sheller • bio


Triads - You Already Know More Than You Think • All Levels

At the heart of just about every chord is a *triad*. This workshop explores these powerful harmonic and melodic music gems.

We'll explore traditional and contemporary triads, starting with the triads you already know but don't know you already know. Finally learning what a sus2, sus4, add 2, add9 chord is. And, how to use them.

Triads can be used for everything from creating melodies and improvisation with single notes and chords all the way to creating contemporary songs.

Left Hand Ukulele Technique • All Levels

The fretting hand – left hand for right-handed players’ and right hand for left-handed players’, is responsible for fretting single notes, intervals, triads, and chords. Pretty much anything other than the open strings.

In this workshop you'll learn a systematic approach to developing killer left hand chops, a.k.a Technique

Glen Hirabayashi • bio


Getting Started with Ukulele • Beginner

Glen will get you off to a right start with exploring and learning the ukulele. From how to hold it, what to do with each hand, basic chords and strums to get you started on the path to enjoying the ukulele.

Isaac Ho'opi'i • bio


Baritone and Ukulele Slack Key • Beginner to Intermediate

Isaac was raised in Waianae on the island of Oahu Slack Key guitar artists members of the Aloha boys Isaac receive the love of music from his father who only played ki'ho'alu Hawaiian Slack Key the guitar is one of his favorite instrument but he also can play the ukulele and bass Isaac will be teaching a course on ukulele

Learning objectives: Upon completion of the course ukulele players will be able to play ukulele

  1. The background of Slack Key
  2. Identify the different tuning of slack key
  3. Apply a drop G tuning on the ukulele

UncleZac • bio


Tin Pan Alley - Where a Uke Really Sounds Like a Uke • Beginner to Intermediate

This workshop is designed for any player who wants to have some fun playing swing and jazz styles of Tin Pan Alley. The course is designed to accommodate ukes of all sizes and tunings as well as players from beginner to intermediate.

We will explore several tips, tricks & techniques to take your playing of all sorts of songs out of first gear and into the wonderful world of swing. From chord substitution to melody rhythms, putting a new set of tools in your “UkeBag” and taking your playing to the next level is the ultimate goal of this course and getting you there is the ultimate goal for UncleZac.

Theory of Four - Playing Up The Neck • Beginner to Intermediate

This workshop is designed for any player who wants to break out of first position and begin to find their way up the neck - The course is set up to accommodate ukes of all sizes and tunings as well as players from beginner to intermediate.

Using his Theory of Four method and his Ultimate Inversion Chart, UncleZac, a player for over 50 years, will walk you through various steps to easily recognize and play chord inversions that will help you begin your journey into chord solo and chord melody.

Using the whole fretboard is the ultimate goal of this course and getting you there is the ultimate goal for UncleZac

Debi Velasco • bio


Debi will be presenting her Hula class and Lei Making workshop. ( )

Hula Class

Come and learn the folk dance from our 50th state, the hula! Simple steps and lovely hand motions combine to tell a story. Comfortable clothes and no shoes suggested.

Lei Making

Come and make the perfect accessory to wear while playing your uke! We will make a wristlet with fresh flowers using the Wili method (winding).

Frets Halligan • bio


Making Chords Flow Better or Finger Cramp Crisis Remedy

Have you ever noticed that chord fingerings vary from book to book and player to player? The books are right as are the different fingerings of various players. But are they right for you? This workshop attempts to throw some logic into the mix. My attempt is to open up some possibilities to consider if you want to improve the way your chords flow from one to another. We’ll take a look at some commonly played chords and some different ways to play them depending on previous and next chords in the progression. D7 is one that bares looking into. There are three well-known fingerings for this chord all on the second fret! We’ll look at occasions to use each one.

Another chord that has a few variations of fingering is B7. Playing it as a bar is only one way to tackle it on the second fret. Take a look at the chord that precedes it and comes after it. The common pairing is Em and B7.

These are a few of the chord shapes and fingerings we’ll take a look at and try. We’ll use a few songs from The Daily Ukulele. The floor will also be open for your concerns on fingering a particular chord progression.

Useful Moveable Chords You Can Use Today

Useful movable chords you can use today - two songs from the Daily Ukulele. The yellow book is fantastic, we all know. But have you noticed there are important parts of some of the songs that aren’t there? This is a way to learn them while improving your understanding of movable chords. The songs are Proud Mary and 8 Days a Week. For advanced beginners and intermediate players.

Joanthan Dale • bio


From Log To Ukulele

Ukuleles are (mostly) made of wood. How does one get from a tree to a ukulele? Explore the process, and see how hand-made ukuleles are built. Most of the ukuleles I build these days started with me and a chain saw.

Sunday Workshops

The Sunday workshops and jam are at Funky Frets new location: Funky Frets • 124 N. Chestnut St., Boyertown, PA USA

Curt Sheller • bio


Right Hand Ukulele Technique • All Levels

With this workshop will cover and explore the many possible ways to get the strings moving with the Right Hand. From using the thumb for a mellow picking and strumming style to using felt and plastic picks and we'll explore traditional and alternating thumb fingerpicking.

Glen Hirabayashi • bio

Glen's 2016 workshop was such a big hit he has agreed to reprising it for 2017.


Ukulele Player's Intro/Guide To Hawai'ian Music • all levels

  • Hawai'ian vamps (turnarounds)
  • Hawai'ian strums. traditional, contemporary
  • Pronounciation of common Hawai'ian words, traditional, slang, Pidgin
  • Hawai'ian language lyrics hidden meanings
  • Construction of traditional Hawai'ian songs
  • Favorite ukulele players from Hawai'i

In a help to determine what the workshop the levels might be, here is a page to help you determine what level of ukulele player your are.

Stay Tuned for Additional Workshop details and a schedule as the festival draws near...