Saturday Workshops

Saturday has a full slate of workshops for all levels of players. From beginners who have never even held a ukulele to more advanced players. There is surely a workshop for you.

All Saturday Workshops are at: Trinity Church, 250 Sweinhardt Rd, Boyertown, PA 19512

Haleakalā Sunset • Intermediate/Advance

Learn an original song written by Herb Ohta Jr, “Haleakalā Sunset”. Herb wrote this song after witnessing the sun setting into the clouds from the summit of Haleakalā on the Island of Maui.

Hawaiian Turnaround • Intermediate

Have you ever wondered how hawaiian musicians pick through a 2, 5, 1 hawaiian turnaround? Herb will teach arpeggios and how to pick Hawaiian turnarounds in a few different keys.


Herb Ohta Jr.

UkuleUkulele Blues Party • Intermediate

Level: know your first position chords and be able to keep time while changing them.

Jugband blues ensemble, with parts for strummers, pickers and singers. We’ll work on rhythm, playing the melody and playing together as a group. By ear, no TAB.

NOTE: Del will be presenting this workshop twice on Saturday.


Del Rey

Triads - You Already Know More Than You Think • All Levels

At the heart of just about every chord is a *triad*. This workshop explores these powerful harmonic and melodic music gems.

We'll explore traditional and contemporary triads, starting with the triads you already know but don't know you already know. Finally learning what a sus2, sus4, add 2, add9 chord is. And, how to use them.

Triads can be used for everything from creating melodies and improvisation with single notes and chords all the way to creating contemporary songs.

Bass Ukulele • All Levels

In this work shops you'll learn how easy it is the actually get start with bass. You learn the role of a bass player in a group and explore creating bass lines in several different styles of music.

Will have several U-Basses available to test, explore and apply what we learn.


Curt Sheller

Practical Ukulele • Beginner

The Ukulele, while accessible and inexpensive as an instrument, lends itself to many different uses in music. It is even said that if a song sounds good on the uke it means it is well composed. Glen will take the group through some history, some practical applications and some exercises to improve your approach to this powerful instrument.

He is a master of "Kanikapila" a relaxed style of uke that lends itself to many styles of music. Glen will explore just how to have fun and at a ukulele jam.


Glen Hirabayashi

Baritone and Ukulele Slack Key • Beginner to Intermediate

Isaac was raised in Waianae on the island of Oahu Slack Key guitar artists members of the Aloha boys Isaac receive the love of music from his father who only played ki'ho'alu Hawaiian Slack Key the guitar is one of his favorite instrument but he also can play the ukulele and bass Isaac will be teaching a course on ukulele

Learning objectives: Upon completion of the course ukulele players will be able to play ukulele.

  • The background of Slack Key
  • Identify the different tuning of slack key
  • Apply a drop G tuning on the ukulele

Isaac Ho'opi'i

Tin Pan Alley - Where a Uke Really Sounds Like a Uke • Beginner to Intermediate

This workshop is designed for any player who wants to have some fun playing swing and jazz styles of Tin Pan Alley. The course is designed to accommodate ukes of all sizes and tunings as well as players from beginner to intermediate.

We will explore several tips, tricks & techniques to take your playing of all sorts of songs out of first gear and into the wonderful world of swing. From chord substitution to melody rhythms, putting a new set of tools in your “UkeBag” and taking your playing to the next level is the ultimate goal of this course and getting you there is the ultimate goal for UncleZac.

Baritone Ukulele - Three Uke In One • Beginner to Intermediate

Come explore the most misunderstood member of the ukulele family. Is it really a uke? Or is it a mini guitar? What do you do with it? UncleZac will take you through the Bari's unlimited flexibility to support the group or shine alone.

Using the Theory Of Four Method for chording and demonstrating some barring techniques he hopes to take some of the mystery out of playing up the neck so that you can get the most out your wonderful Baritone Ukulele.

There is something for all Bari players at any level.


Uncle Zac

Getting Started!

Jared will work through useful chords and common progressions, basics of reading tablature, and fun and varied strumming patterns in this workshop for beginner and advanced beginning ukulists.

Ukulele Ensemble

A fun and interesting session of learning and playing arrangements in multiple parts, mostly in tablature. There will be parts for all levels from beginner to advanced. Renaissance, light classical and Hawaiian tunes.

Jared Denhard

Jared Denhard

Debi will be presenting her Hula class and Lei Making workshop. ( )

Hula Class

Come and learn the folk dance from our 50th state, the hula! Simple steps and lovely hand motions combine to tell a story. Comfortable clothes and no shoes suggested.

Lei Making

Come and make the perfect accessory to wear while playing your uke! We will make a wristlet with fresh flowers using the Wili method (winding).


Debi Velasco

Intros and Outros • Beginner

I think it is so important to have a good song introduction as well as a good song ending!

You can captivate your audience with your song introduction and ending! A few handy ideas for song intros and outros!

Movable Chords • Beginner

What does movable chords even mean? Why would I want to even use a movable chord?

Let’s get through a couple of songs to introduce how you can use movable chords and how it can enhance your playing.


Nani Lowery

Learn the Hawai'ian Songs in the Daily Uke Books

Yellow Book Hawai'ian Songs • All Levels

Join me on the beach under the palm trees and learn or strum along with all the songs of Hawaii contained in the Daily Ukulele yellow book. How many of them do you know? Learn how to play Hawaiian vamps to start your songs.

Blue Book Hawai'ian Songs • All Levels

Come back and learn all the Hawaiian songs from the Daily Ukulele blue book and more. We will be going over Hawaiian vamps to start and end your songs.


William Ernestburg

DIY - Build Your Own Uke• All Levels

Have you ever thought of making your own ukulele but didn’t quite know how to go about it or how would it sound? Join us as we explore what is entailed in making an ukulele with an “Ohana Ukulele Kit”. There are concert and tenor size kits available at Funky Frets Music store. They make great gifts and are truly a work of art when you are done.


Ann Burke

From Log To Ukulele

Ukuleles are (mostly) made of wood. How does one get from a tree to a ukulele? Explore the process, and see how hand-made ukuleles are built. Most of the ukuleles I build these days started with me and a chain saw.

WORKSHOP CANCELLED - Due to other commitments Johanthan Dale had to cancel his participation at the festival.

Will be coming up with a replacement workshop in the same vein for people that signed up for it already.


Jonathan Dale

Warm Ups and Vocal Technique for All Abilities • All Levels

Join as we warm up our voices and explore ways to strengthen your sound through breath support and diction techniques. Then we’ll sharpen those skills with songs from Daily Ukulele to Go!


Patricia Keith

Sunday Workshops

The Sunday workshops and jam are at: Funky Frets • 124 N. Chestnut St., Boyertown, PA USA

Rhythm - You Really Need To Know About This • All Levels

Music is Melody, Harmony and Rhythm

The concept of rhythm is simple. It’s the duration of a note, a chord or a pattern. Rhythm is integrated into every facet of music. A melody is a sequence of pitches with rhythm. A chord progression is a sequence of chords with rhythm. Rhythm impacts Melody, Harmony and even Lyrics. It’s also a subject in and of itself. Rhythm is so intuitive, that it’s often overlooked as an independent topic of study.

The significance of rhythm goes back before the earliest recorded history. Whether it was logs, stomping feet or hand clapping, rhythm seems to have been the first musical element known to primitive man.

The difficulty in the study of rhythm has always been its abstract nature - and its mathematical approach. Rhythm has traditionally been taught as a function of math, particularly fractions. Though accurate, this approach has missed one of the most fundamental facts of rhythm. Rhythm is a sonic language and is, as such, phonetic not mathematical in nature. The average student exposed to the math orientation of rhythm has rarely absorbed the essence of rhythm. He or she rarely becomes proficient at sight reading rhythm. This often remains a lifetime barrier to the developing musician.

“A strum is the execution of a rhythmic pattern — in tempo and in a specific style”


Curt Sheller

In a help to determine what the workshop the levels might be, here is a page to help you determine
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